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Nov 16, 2019


George Crezee #2

George Crezee is the co-host of Aging and Awesome, founder of Get Off The Couch And Go and one of the most inspirational and motivational people you will encounter. George is on a mission to share with others how you should get up and get going, no matter what age you are. He surrounds himself with positive people and is not only a great friend to all, but a creative at heart and someone who is working to change the world.  

Today is the day to start working towards your goal…just put one foot in front of the other!

 What we’re talking about

 -        Get Off The Couch And Go

-        50 Sporting Events In 24 Hours

-        Aging And Awesome TV Show

 Get Off The Couch And Go

 George created Get Off The Couch And Go over 15 years ago and interviews the oldest athletes at events or the one who has overcome the most challenges. One of his favorite interviews was during a cross country ski race in which he came upon a 79 year old racer. Not only was she cross country skiing at 79, but she was doing it blind. Get Off The Couch And Go showcases how at any age, anything is possible…all you have to do is try.

50 Sporting Events In 24 Hours

 George likes to do everything big and when his birthday comes around, it’s no exception. For George’s 65th birthday he set out to do 50 sporting events in 24 hours starting with skiing at 3:15am and ending after 11pm with a decathlon. Others referred to it as “the day of insanity,” but it was really a day of inspiration and sharing the message that there are no excuses not to get moving. 

 Aging And Awesome TV Show

 As luck would have it, George was discovered by the Reno based TV show, Aging and Awesome and is now a co-host. Aging and Awesome may be a show about older generations, but younger viewers are watching to get educated about their parents. George is covering everything from Alzheimer’s to dating in your 80’s and everything in between. 

 What’s stopping you from starting today?


Episode 1: Just Start

Get Off The Couch And Go

Studio Crezee Website

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Aging And Awesome



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4:34 (32 sec GC) – Basically the whole ideas was to motivate others to get up and get moving. The way society is now these days, it’s so easy to be overburdened with business and family and work and so I’ve gone out as a self-proclaimed journalist and I will do sporting events, but then I, my main goal is to interview generally the oldest male, oldest female or somebody with some particular disabilities that it amazes us that they overcome to do this event. So that’s the premise of the site.

24:50 (42 sec GC) - You know what’s really great about it is that it is not just about athletic activities that I talk about on there. We talk about everything you can imagine, from Alzheimers to incontinence to when you’re 80 years old and you want to start dating, what do yu do? And so it’s really interesting for me to be involved in a lot of these discussions, but it’s such a good thing to get the message out and we’re finding a lot of our viewers are actually not that old, but their father and mother are still alive and now that’s kind of giving them a little bit of a window of information to where their parents are heading and it gives them insight to what to expect and what to prepare for.


  1. This guy did everything right and it made me realize if he passed away from cancer, what are the rest of us doing to make ourselves be healthy? GC
  2. It took a village to make what we called “the day of insanity” event happen. LB
  3. Right now is the time to start. Today. Put one foot in front of the other and start going after that dream you have.
  4. Open that door of intimidation and you’ll be surprised at what you can do with yourself.
  5. Believe in yourself and hang out with people that are positive. If they’re negative, move them out of your way.