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Each week I offer my Cyber Tips plus interviews with other small business owners who share their successes and struggles in the entrepreneur world.

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Nov 21, 2019


Christi Vogt #3

Christi Vogt lost her business overnight, but instead of simply giving up, she decided to go after her dreams of helping make a difference in the longevity of peoples’ lives and successfully launched a business of her own. Christi is no stranger to educating herself on her passions and has figured out a way to blend her purpose with making money. Discover how she is helping people live longer, is building a tribe, and what her best network marketing tips are!

 Don’t fight the universe. Be open to what possibilities are out there!

 What we’re talking about

 -        Learning To Not Give Up

-        The Benefits of LifeVantage

-        Christi’s Best Network Marketing Tips

 Learning To Not Give Up

 Christi was enjoying running her own business with a partner when literally overnight it all ended and she was left with nothing. Instead of giving up on the dream of owning a business or helping others, Christi went out and started researching what was out there for her. She educated herself by reading books and finding ways to grow both personally and professionally. All of this led her to creating a business of her own and helping others do the same. 

The Benefits of LifeVantage

 Christi has always worked with people to help them with their skincare problems and as time progressed she saw a correlation between skin issues and stress. She read The China Study and found that cellular oxidation creates inflammation which is caused by stress and the only way to neutralize that is through antioxidants which can be found in plant-based nutrition. Christi discovered LifeVantage and how it offers all of these benefits and many more. 

 Christi’s Best Network Marketing Tips

 Network marketing is truly all about finding your “why”, but there are many more tips and tools that Christi has to offer when it comes to learning how to succeed in network marketing. She says you need to be ok hearing “no” while also maintaining a firm belief in your product, yourself and the network marketing industry itself. You have to find your passion and not simply be in it for the money because you will not be setting yourself up for success. Christi’s focus is on making human connections by networking and in-person meetings. 

 In the end, the quality of life matters most.



The China Study

Go Pro by Eric Worre

Story Your Way To Success by Kindra Hall

Lifespan by David Sinclair

“How To Live Longer Better” Time Magazine



30:55 (54 sec CV) – Most everybody has some type of health concern, you know they’re not feeling well, lack of energy, lack of sleep and what are most people doing? They’re purchasing vitamins and supplements and herbs and oils and lotions and potions and over the counter pain medication and sleep aids and energy drinks. It’s sad to me because most of these things have no regulations, there’s no backing it. We don’t even know what’s in a lot of these vitamins and supplements and a lot of studies are showing that these multi vitamins, especially you’re antioxidant vitamins like A, C & E are doing more harm to your body than good. So people have just been searching and nothing’s helping, disease is on the rise, so it’s actually really going back to the basics. 


  1. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much money you have, we all have the same concerns. CV
  2. Don’t fight the universe. Be open to what possibilities are out there. LB
  3. I’m so grateful that I made the decision to design my life. CV
  4. Always be growing yourself, personally and professionally. CV
  5. If you’re motivated by money, it’s not going to work. You have to find your passion. CV
  6. In the end, the quality of life matters most.